Ziz nous livre la version 1.6.1 de son jeu Hase sur la Zer0 et la Pandora.

C'est un clone de Worms où les vers de terre sont remplacés par des gentils lapinoux. Ils doivent s'exploser la truffe à coup de bazooka à carottes mais peuvent aussi se balancer des crottes explosives, faire des super sauts... Un jeu bien sympa jouable en local et sur le net.

Voici le changelog :

Version 1.5 was great and got a lot of small and bigger fixes improving the game a lot, however some things needed to be fixed on a very low level, which I did now.
- New movement. In the past it was hard to predict where you will land after jumping (especially in a low gravity area). I fixed this and as side effect I got a
- More shooting based gameplay. Gravity is fun but useless if you just walk to your enemy, shoot in his face and run away. So it is harder now to reach your enemy directly. Furthermore I implemented a game mode, where you deal more damage if your bullets stays longer in the air!
- Better AI. The AI was dumb. In fact it is still dumb, but less dumb. It will change the weapon and fight against hares sitting on it's head. Speaking of
- New weapons! I added shotgun (shooting 5 bullets), a potato (shooting a powerful bullet), a teleporter (who gets the origin of the sprite?), tunnel building tools and the possibility to surrender (ending your turn)

These were the biggest and most important changes. But I did also :
- Improved the odds of spawning items, especially if you start with a high number of players, but some of them already died
- Items bounce
- If you (or items) get hits from explosion you get a small drill in that direction
- I increased the minimal shooting power and decreased the maximal shooting power
- The level generation algo creates also holes now. Furthermore you can save and load levels.
- I added some new sound effects
- Instead of the need to enter a players name to remove it, you can now select it in a list. With this you can also kick players you don't like (if you are the game master). Furthermore I removed the max player setting. If your game is too crowded: kick Binky some random player.
- I improved the network code. You will not notice it, but I decreased the amount of send and received messages.

You can set up a lot new game settings (even after the creation!)
- The starting health from 50 to 200
- The AP per turn from 1 to 5
- You can activate the already mentioned "long shoot more damage" mode
- You can enable Ragnarök instant or after up to 30 turns. If Ragnarök happens every turn an increasing amount of skulls is dropped, which explode at contact. Also all items become skulls.
- You can activate infinite borders instead of getting killed by them
- Bullets die after 30 seconds. Important for the infinite border mode
- I improved the cluster bomb and Wingardium Leviosa. They got weaker.
- A spell should now hit always the right™ player
- I added a way more helpful help

After some testing from the pandora people and a gp2x user I furthermore made these further changes:
- I hopefully fixed all remaining stucking bugs. In fact it feels much better now!
- Levels which don't leave a 256px border around are cutted now. Important for selfmade levels.
- level width and height are now fixed to 1536x1536. In the past I wanted this to be editable, but in fact 1536 is the perfect number.
- Items don't land on the head, but are collected
- Decreased the bunny collision box again, so they appear smaller. I finally understood my code. -Maybe I should comment it NOW...
- Tomtatoes collected outside own turn are added next turn
- Made the weapons menu wide instead of high for low screen devices. I learned that somebody plays Hase on his GP2X! :D
- AI shoots if no time is left instead of jumping around
- Traces fade out
- New level save format, which easier to edit and to change. In the video I use self made levels of a pacman and a gp2x console. :D
- Camera changes at border warp, so it doesn't jump so much
- Speed improvements, especially for CC units
- No enter of empty name possible anymore
- Computer player don't get kicked after timeout in game lobby.

Voici le lien vers la version Zer0 et son thread.

Voici le lien vers la version Pandora et son thread.

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