SuperZaxxon 1.72 final disponible

Notaz nous livre la dernière version de SuperZaxxon, il s'agit de la v1.72 finale.

Quelques semaines après la version RC, voici les améliorations :

* kernel: updated to 3.2.69
* kernel: merged a few performance related patches from newer kernels
* kernel: made DSP shared memory and the framebuffer accessible by debuggers (previously it would fail)
* kernel: wifi driver updated to use different power saving method, as done by TI/Android driver
* kernel: fixed one case of charger LED not lighting up
* kernel: updated aufs to the last 3.2.x release
* kernel: fix a lock up cause by performance tweaks seen on SZ1.72-rc
* c64_tools: fixed system registers incorrectly being cached from DSP side, which allowed to remove unnecessary invalidate between commands (bsp)
* updated aufs-util, fixes mysterious mount.aufs failure after mount.cifs has been used at least once. Also fixes longstanding AUFS_CTL_PLINK_MAINT error often seen in pndrun logs
* fixed a bug in that's somehow triggering after mount.cifs usage
* libpnd packaging fixes (avoid multiple copies of the lib and strip it)
* added perf to feeds, you can use "opkg install perf"
* fixed netcat, it wasn't really working
* OS version is now displayed by "Upgrade pandora OS" tool
* ca-certificates: updated, hash links added
* openssl: updated to 0.9.8zg (was needed for ca-certificates)
* wget: updated to 1.16.3 for https support

Pour la MAJ, deux solutions :

- rendez-vous dans l'onglet System / Upgrade OS
- décompressez l'image SZ1.72 sur votre SD puis rebootez en maintenant R enfoncé

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