OpenBOR se met à jour sur Zer0

DavidKnight nous livre la version 3.0 r4165 d'OpenBOR.

Ce moteur bien connu des fans de beat'em all permet de lancer des jeux créés par la communauté, on y retrouve des versions d'Alien Vs Predator, mais aussi Les Maîtres de l'univers ou Saint Seiya.

Voici le change log :

Updated engine to most recent version (r4165)
Updated display libraries from SDL1 to SDL2
Support for pak files on SD card
New menu with instructions for newbies  (Thanks to SuperFenix2020 for the artwork)
Automatically resize screen (support for high resolution games)
Support for full screen or keep aspect ratio (video settings)
Better menu control for navigating large collections of pak files (D-pad L+R and L+R triggers)
Numerous bug fixes and workarounds affecting specific games
Updated manual
New logo (thanks to SuperFenix2020 for the artwork)

SecurePak is not included in this release as it is closed source. Some games will still refuse to load.
In the menu music player you cannot play music from pak files on the sd card.
The seems to be some compatibility issues with some older pak files, possibly due to unmaintained code?
Occasional graphical glitches with some peculiar resolutions the GCW0 has difficulty displaying.
Tiny font size on high resolution games.

L'OPK se télécharge à cette adresse.

Le thread est à suivre ICI.

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